For years, My Morning Jacket has been at the forefront of the chronically blazing jam band genre. They have released a live double album and played a late night Bonaroo set that strove to reach tomorrow’€™s dawn. With such strong herbal credibility, their new album, Circuital, along with anything else […]

My Morning Jacket – Circuital

Welcome back for the weekend forecast, a weekly rundown of new movies with an eye towards the fully baked cinema experience. Shark Night, Apollo 18 – The Scary This weekend is headlined by a couple of scary movies. While I am not a fan, I know there is a large contingent of […]

Weekend Outlook – March 11-13

Firstly, Avatar gave me a big, blue boner. I can’t wait to see the Na’vi cosplayers at Comic Con this year. Though there won’t be maybe people who can pull off anything but “chubby Na’vi”. Those CGI fuckers had like 0% body fat. The fact that I felt conflicted about […]


I dig Diablo Cody. I’€™m not too hip to admit that I follow her on twitter. I have watched Juno three times and rooted for her in the Oscars ™. I am not the horror fan that Zog is, but I enjoy the freedom filmmakers have in the genre. Imagining […]

Jennifer’s Body

Ahh,,, The coming of age story. It is one of the most popular genres. Before media, coming of age was institutionalized in religious ceremonies (often with a little pharmacological input). In a quick turn around the interwebs, it appears that the concept is universal. In fact, 3.3 million years ago, […]

Coming of Age in Adventureland

The Fall No comments // Oct 30th, 2009 // Movies As a kid, I remember video stores. Walking down aisles lined with empty boxes. Some stacked in front of a colorless, odorless VHS container; Others alone proudly boasting that their film was out to rent. These were the days before […]

The Fall

Weekend Outlook 10/23 No comments // Oct 22nd, 2009 // Movies Here at THC, we realize that sometimes it is hard to keep up with all of the new movies and albums being thrown at you. This week we are testing a new feature called the Weekend Outlook. The idea […]

Weekend Outlook 10/23

Where are the Wild Things? No comments // Oct 20th, 2009 // Movies Max is a very specific child. For those that don’t know, Max is the main character of Maurice Sendak’s iconic children’s book. In the short span of the book our childhood tempest is stoked. Our minuscule social […]

Where are the Wild Things?