Weekend Outlook 10/23 No comments // Oct 22nd, 2009 // Movies Here at THC, we realize that sometimes it is hard to keep up with all of the new movies and albums being thrown at you. This week we are testing a new feature called the Weekend Outlook. The idea […]

Weekend Outlook 10/23

Where are the Wild Things? No comments // Oct 20th, 2009 // Movies Max is a very specific child. For those that don’t know, Max is the main character of Maurice Sendak’s iconic children’s book. In the short span of the book our childhood tempest is stoked. Our minuscule social […]

Where are the Wild Things?

Zombieland 2 comments // Oct 13th, 2009 // Movies Okay, full disclosure… I play in a zombie themed rock band. I’ve been on zombie walks. I watched Night of the Living Dead when I was 11 and my mom got us our fist VCR… so I’m a bit of a […]


The Girlfriend Experience No comments // Oct 7th, 2009 // Movies Ever since I heard the lurid details of The Girlfriend Experience, I have been fascinated to see what Steven Soderberg was up to. You see, he made a low budget film about a high budget prostitute staring a real […]

The Girlfriend Experience

Inglorious Basterds No comments // Sep 4th, 2009 // Movies Tarrantino had the #1 movie in the country. It has been a few weeks and it is still near the top of the box office leader board. For a director known for his edge, it seems an unlikely position. Having […]

Inglorious Basterds

Shadow Complex 2 comments // Aug 30th, 2009 // Games This weekend I downloaded “Shadow Complex” from the XBox Live online store.  I had heard that it was cool, and I hadn’t done much gaming lately, and it was only 1200 Microsoft points, which seems like 12 dollars, but is […]

Shadow Complex

Tool – Alive! 2 comments // Aug 17th, 2009 // Music — The Haute Critique would like to welcome a new contributor, XT Force. XT Force is a culturally obsessed author whose work has appeared in numerous print and online publications. His warped outlook has given him a perspective that […]

Tool – Alive!

G.I. Joe – Half a Battle 1 comment // Aug 7th, 2009 // Movies Studios regularly release movies without screening them for critics. Usually these are in the ‘B’ movie category, not their Mega-Hits. When it is a blockbuster, no screening pretty much always means it is a huge steaming […]

G.I. Joe – Half a Battle