Firstly, Avatar gave me a big, blue boner. I can’t wait to see the Na’vi cosplayers at Comic Con this year. Though there won’t be maybe people who can pull off anything but “chubby Na’vi”. Those CGI fuckers had like 0% body fat. The fact that I felt conflicted about […]


I dig Diablo Cody. I’€™m not too hip to admit that I follow her on twitter. I have watched Juno three times and rooted for her in the Oscars ™. I am not the horror fan that Zog is, but I enjoy the freedom filmmakers have in the genre. Imagining […]

Jennifer’s Body

Ahh,,, The coming of age story. It is one of the most popular genres. Before media, coming of age was institutionalized in religious ceremonies (often with a little pharmacological input). In a quick turn around the interwebs, it appears that the concept is universal. In fact, 3.3 million years ago, […]

Coming of Age in Adventureland