Weekend Outlook 10/23

Weekend Outlook 10/23

Here at THC, we realize that sometimes it is hard to keep up with all of the new movies and albums being thrown at you. This week we are testing a new feature called the Weekend Outlook. The idea is to take our best guess at which opening movies would pair best with you indica heavy hybrid, or whatever is floating your boat right now.

Halloween is just around the corner, so we see several films dogging in on the holiday spirit. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, Saw VI, Antichrist, and Stan Helsing.

The Vampire’s Assistant appears to have some style (and an impressive cast), but the story of a 14 year old stumbling into a carnival of circus freaks doesn’t appear to tickle the silly bone. The visuals doo look striking, but early word is it takes itself too seriously. I would save my shake.

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Saw VI – I trust you already know if this is a film you want to watch, although I’m sure if you want VI to be your first in the series, you won’t be missing that much.

Stan Helsing comes straight from the Scary Movie folk. I’m certain it will be another hokey spoof. While excruciating to most, spoof lovers might want to toke up, but keep those expectations 6 ft. under.

Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist is getting reviews proclaiming it gruesome, beautiful, genius, shocking  and a film that should never have been made. I love the sound of that, but it might be too heavy for the light headed, but if you like your horro films slow, bloody and with a heavy dose of psycholigical destruction, you might want to subject yourself to this indie flick, just make certain you have your shrink’s number close by.

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But it isn’t all doom and gloom this weekend. Hillary Swank plays one of the great inspirational women in history, Amelia Earhart. Well, it does kind of end badly, I’m guessing, but that hasn’t stopped the early buzz from being terrible. Amelia sounds like a definite pass.

From the PG set we have Osamu Tezuka’s ur-Manga Astro Boy in CGI animated feature glory. Unfortunately this one gets the dreaded praise “an entertaining film that should satisfy both adults and children”. Time may show this to be a psychedelic smorgasbord, but I am skeptical.

My personal roll of the dice for this weekend’s blazer is a documentary called Act of God. It ‘examines the effects of lightning strikes beyond just the physical.’ The hair on my arms is standing on end already.

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